Terms & Conditions


Cancellation Policy


All of our courses are non refundable. If we can find someone to take your place, then a refund may be given, but if your space cannot be filled then no refund is given. In extenuating circumstances a refund may be considered but

any refunds are strictly at the discretion of Confident Happy Canines.

Health of your Dog

Please do not bring your dog to class if they are unwell in any way, this includes coughing, vomiting or diarrhoea. Please seek medical attention from your vet.


Owner  Responsibility


Harsh handling is strongly discouraged.  Outright violence to any dog, If it continues after an initial warning, the dog and owner will be asked to leave (without a refund).

If your dog toilets anywhere on the training premises, please pick up and dispose of appropriately.

Please be careful when allowing your dogs to greet other dogs and people prior or during classes, as dogs can become defensive on leads, not all dogs are social with strange dogs and people.

If you are unable to attend your class or you are running late for your class, please inform us. Please contact us via email (info@confidenthappycanines.co.uk) or message us via our Facebook page.


Please note we do not allow Prong Collars, Choke Chains, Slip Leads or Flexi Leads to be worn on dogs in classes or workshops.

We advise that you consider a y front fitting harness with a front ring attachment (Perfect Fit Harness, Hurta everyday Y front, TTouch Harness, Mekuti, accompanied by a double clip ended lead like a Halti lead.)

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times from arriving at the car park to entering the classes in any of our venues. Dogs need to stay on lead unless a specific exercise requires them not to be.


Suitability of Your Dog to Join Classes/Workshops

If your dog has any known aggression issues towards People or dogs you must inform either Philippa or Suzanne of Confident Happy Canines in writing.

No banned breeds under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dog Act are allowed to join the classes/workshops unless they have proof of having been exempted and are adhering to the law. Banned Breeds are the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentina, Fila Brazilero and Pit Bull types.


Photographs and Videos

From time to time we would like to use photographs and/or videos taken in classes or in workshops to promote Confident Happy Canines on social media and to be used on the Confident Happy Canines website. Please let us know if you’d rather we didn’t do this.



Confident Happy Canines take every care to ensure the safety of you and your dog while training with them. However, they take no responsibility for any injury to you or your dog, or any illness or disease that may be contracted by yourself or your dog at any of their training venues including the car parks.

Confident Happy Canines take no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property that occurs whilst attending a class at any of their venues or in the car park outside.