About Philippa

Philippa has been a dog trainer and behaviourist full time for 27 years. Her own company is Animal Friend where she offers 121 consultations in a multitude of disciplines.

Philippa is a Qualified Dog Training Member of INTODogs, IMDT, TCBTS and DTC. She is a certified Animal Training Instructor with the ABTC.

She is a Certified Animal Behaviourist with INTODogs, ICAN and the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne has been a dog trainer full time for 8 years and was a dog walker for 5 years before this. Her own company is The Little Dog Trainer & Puppy School Woodley and Binfield where she offers puppy classes and 121 consultations.

Suzanne is a Qualified Dog Tutor with Puppy School, a Certified Kids Around Dogs Trainer, UK Parkour Instructor and a Canine Hoopers UK Accredited Trainer.

She is a certified Animal Training Instructor with the ABTC.

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About Confident Happy Canines

Confident Happy Canines has been set up by Philippa Short and Suzanne Moores who are both established dog trainers and have their own separate companies, but have come together to form Confident Happy Canines to offer fun effective dog training classes and workshops to the Berkshire area. You can see both of their profiles below.